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Where Do You Want to White Water Raft Today?

With so many places to choose from, your white water rafting vacation can be as relaxing or as reckless as you’d like it to be! From the roaring South Fork American River in California to the family-friendly Athabasca River in Jasper, Alberta, Canada, you’re sure to find something that suits you and your family’s or friends’ tastes.

Watch LIVE Rafting of the American River in HD Take Pictures of California’s Prime Rafting Destination Spot!

There is nothing like taking a white water rafting vacation! Until you do, check out our live, picture taking TV cams of California’s American River and Colorado’s Animas River. Take pictures, Facebook and Twitter them to your friends. Don’t fall in!

To control the cam, just press the play button, and then press “control cam” in the bottom-right-hand corner. You can move the camera left and right and up and down using the sliders. You can also zoom in and out! Please note that it takes five seconds for the camera to respond to your commands.

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