Rogue River Rafting in Oregon

Rogue River Map, Oregon

Raft the Rogue River with O.A.R.S.

MERLIN, OREGON—Raft the Rogue River—Raft through evergreen-speckled canyons and over challenging rapids on the Rogue River in Oregon. Whitewater rafting (and kayaking!) on the Rogue River varies between relaxing floats and invigorating whitewater that you won’t soon forget.

About the Whitewater Rafting Trip

Join us the night before the trip at 6PM to discuss everything the trip will entail. We will meet at Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge. In the morning, the rafting will begin! You will experience three to five days of whitewater rafting or kayaking on the Rogue River.

Sandy beaches offer respite from the thrilling whitewater rafting. Trek to Kelsey Creek for a side adventure, where you might want to fish or go swimming in the clear, deep-water pool.

After another day of rafting, hike to Dulog Creek. There, you will find a rushing double waterfall along with Rogue River Ranch, a museum that tells the story of the inhabitants near Rogue River, including the Native Americans (who lived there for over 9,000 years) and the pioneers.

Raft the challenging Coffeepot rapid in Mule Creek Canyon, as well as the Blossom Bar rapid. Towering basalt sides along the river will make you feel invigorated. Watch for deer, bears, otters, turtles, and bald eagles.

Get wet and learn a piece of Oregon history as you raft the Rogue River!

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