Rio Grande & Big Bend Whitewater Rafting

Rio Grande & Big Bend River Rafting, Texas

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, TEXAS—Rafting the Big Bend/the Rio Grande River—Rafting on the Rio Grande through Big Bend National Park is unique because it can be rafted at any time of the year! Spend one day to six days on this captivating river, looking down at the rapids, and looking up at the sometimes-narrow, sometimes-wide, surrounding canyons.

About these Whitewater Rafting Trips

There are a variety of canyons in Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande runs through most of them.

Colorado Canyon:

Ride class II whitewater rapids for one or two days through a land where volcanoes once shaped and molded the earth, in Big Bend Ranch State Park. Going for the two day trip is worth it, as you’ll get more of a chance to explore the canyons and their secret, unique hiking trails.

Santa Elena Canyon:

The Santa Elena Canyon, made of limestone, cradles the Rio Grande. Rafting for two days and camping overnight will allow you more time to take in the scenery. This section of the Rio Grande is mostly class II, so it’s a great sightseeing opportunity and outdoor activity for young families.

Boquillas Canyon:

Raft for 33 miles through the Boquillas in deep water, in a mix of class I and class II rapids, and flat calming waters. As a National Wild and Scenic River, it lives up to its designation.

Lower Canyons:

A float trip and exciting class II rapids all in one! Rafting in the Lower Canyons is the longest trip you can take on the Rio Grande in Texas. Seventy miles covers a lot of scenic views: high-walled canyons with geological secrets buried in them, hidden trails, hot springs to soak in and cold springs to drink from.

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